Sentiment Data Feeds

Our feeds are derived from both Twitter and StockTwits message streams individually. Our expanding universe covers:

  • US Equities (4000+)
  • Futures (100+)
  • Currencies (45)
  • ETF’s (150+)
  • Indexes (Major Indexes, Sectors and Industries)

We have Search and Streaming API’s with robust filtering capabilities. Our primary API is JSON. We have a XML API as well.

S-Factors are delivered at various frequencies based on your needs

  • S-Factor Frequency: Daily (Available as FTP file), 1-Minute, and 15 Minute Full S-Factor feed.
  • History is available for all datasets.


  • For users interested in real-time Tweet analysis we provide real time scoring of tweets with account ratings to help instantly identify breaking news.

Custom Feeds available upon request.

Traders Dashboard

The SMA Dashboard is a visual representation of the SMA S-Factors™ and is designed to quickly identify and alert the user to trading opportunities and risk. The Dashboard provides a real time customizable display and user definable alerting capability with screening on securities, universe, and custom watch list providing a comprehensive overview of social media discussions.

This product is ideal for Portfolio managers, traders, risk managers or investor relations professionals.

Please contact SMA for a demo.

  • 1. The Dashboard Chart provides Real-Time Scanning and display of the entire Universe or watch list with an intuitive and powerful interface.
  • 2. Quick Display provides a quick overview of SMA metrics for the selected security.
  • 3. The Settings Tab allows user to apply custom filters to the Dashboard.
  • 4. History - Allows for quick comparison of current and historical sentiment.
  • 5. Keys allow for quick filter of sentiment and universes.
  • 6. News Banner - allows for quick linkage back to news stories. This can be configured for multiple sources.
  • 7. Security Look Up.

Other dashboard features (illustrated below) include: security specific sentiment and Tweet analysis, a live stream of Twitter and StockTwits messages and real-time S-Factor ranking for the Top/Bottom securities in the SMA universe and custom watch list. Aggregated Index, Sectors and Industries sentiment is tracked in real time to provide the broadest view of market sentiment.



Sentiment Engine

Social Market Analytics Sentiment Engine is an easy to use point and click real-time tracking and alerting tool that allows users to monitoring sentiment and breaking news on topics they are interested in. This is ideal for users who are interested in creating their own sentiment feeds.

Key Features include

  • Real time tracking and display of topics of interest to you with intuitive graphics.
  • The ability to create your own topics and track #Tags and words associated with those topics.
  • Ability to set alerts for unusual social media activity and rapid changes in sentiment to help identify breaking news.
  • View trending topics on your #Tags on your topics.
View Multiple Reports on your topics
  • Who is Tweeting most about your topics, who is Tweeting most positive and who is Tweeting most negative?
  • What Tweets are getting Re-Tweeted the most and what recent Tweets are being Re-Tweeted the most?
  • What are the most followed accounts saying about your topics?

Excel Add-In

SMA’s Excel Add-In provides real time access to sentiment screening, monitoring, and research. The add-in features a user friendly wizard interface.

SMA Excel Add-In