Social Market Analytics (SMA) was founded in early 2012 to create actionable intelligence from unstructured data. Our patented technology harnesses unstructured yet valuable information embedded in social media streams to provide actionable intelligence in real time to our clients. The firm was founded by experienced financial service professionals with over 100 years of combined hedge fund, data vendor, and trading experience. SMA out-of-sample data starts in 2011 and we began sales in 2013. SMA Has fast and flexible API’s for rapid dissemination of content and use this API for our intuitive and powerful front-ends.

Since our launch, SMA has become a leader in providing sentiment data feeds to the financial community. SMA has consistently been chosen as the preferred vendor for social metrics by the world's leading financial firms. Most of our customers are quantitative trading firms who work with us on a NDA basis. In 2016, we launched our first of a family of index products in partnership with the CBOE. These indexes are used in construction of structured products and will eventually be tradeable as ETFs.

SMA's analytics generate high signal data streams based on the intentions of professional traders. Our data is unique in that we have four plus years of out-of-sample data which cannot be recreated given a user's ability to delete historical Tweets.

Historical back testing, independent research and client feedback support the fact that SMA insights are tradable and can deliver alpha. SMA’s full suite of metrics and robust Dashboard provide a real-time contextual view of the social media conversation. SMA identifies viral topics quickly, provides account credibility rankings, and offers instantaneous evaluation of Tweets. If you are interested in adding social media based factors to your models or just want to stay abreast of breaking news, please explore our Products Pages.

If you have questions or would like to discuss your unstructured data analytics needs, please reach out to us.